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For more information concerning Japanese online idioms & slang, please consider these two threads:

0.57: Added boards for the Tohoku earthquake and power plants. Thanks to Charles for the info.

0.56: Added Idle Chat and Aquatic Life.

0.55: I'm not dead! Several updates.

0.54: NEW AND/OR RETURNING BOARDS: Mahjong, Trouble Consultation, Net Characters, Military and Military - Flipside, and Touhou. Dead text boards: Lounge, Anime. And now there are only two text boards left: ASCII Art and Shopping. Who knows when they'll bite the dust...

0.53: NEW PAGES: Bicycles, Nijiura ID, Narikiri, Politics, Economics, Korean Economics. Dead pages purged. More accurate translations of board names.

0.52: THE REVENGE OF THE FUJOSHI: The Yaoi board is back from the dead, and there is now a Josou (a subgenre of shotacon involving crossdressing boys) board.

0.51a: A kind anonymous on /soc/ informed me of the sixth known Nijiura board on the cgi server.

0.51: bluethree.us has moved twice in two days. The old server, on which I was given free space for the Navigator, went belly-up due to financial constraints, and I was forced to put bluethree on godaddy's free server. However, the banner ad at the top was simply too invasive, and it didn't take long for a user of the Navigator to offer free space with no strings attached. Thanks for your generosity, Storlek!

As long as I was moving everything again, I figured I should do an update or two. First of all, there's the introduction to Futaba Channel, a quick intro and guide to the boards of Futaba. Don't just dive head-first into a board before you know what you're getting into! Second, I cleaned up more dead boards. More updates to come on an as-needed basis.

0.50: A complete rewrite of the menu took place on January 4, 2008. Ordinary K !3GqYIJ3Obs translated the latest frame menu from Futaba Channel, including known hidden boards, removing several dead boards, especially in the text board section. (Anybody want to explain why the text board section was cut down so severely? Redundancy with 2ch, perhaps?)

Have a suggestion for a better translation of a board name? Did I make a mistake? (One has already been found and fixed, thanks Waha!) E-mail me.

Programming and Maintenance:

0.1-.02 : Ordinary K !3GqYIJ3Obs
0.3 : lolocaust
0.4 : shii
0.49b: lolocaust
0.50 onward: Ordinary K !3GqYIJ3Obs has resumed maintenance of the Futaba Channel English Navigator

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